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Kent Wilson - Principal Consultant


The Adelaide Centre for Business Excellence is spearheaded by Kent Wilson a passionate business and performance enhancement coach whose mission is to transform businesses and change lives... 

Kent specialises in working with small business teams and owners, solopreneurs, self-starters and sales professionals. His positive, enthusiastic and success driven approach encourages individuals & businesses to achieve optimal outcomes... to convert challenges into opportunities...and for real meaningful improvements to take place. In short... Kent helps people and organisations to achieve outcomes beyond expectations in whatever circumstances they are facing.

In addition to holding an MBA, Kent has qualifications in accounting (CA ANZ), engineering, coaching as well as being an electrician. This diverse blend of skills and training enables Kent to think differently and to bring some unique perspectives "to the table". Kent's 35+ years of business experience has been obtained across a broad range of industries and includes exposure to:

  • ​Small business ownership

  • Banking & finance

  • Management reporting

  • Business development

  • Higher education

  • Corporate training

Chris Sharkey - Business Strategist

Chris has been working with individuals and businesses for over 30 years in management and business development. He brings a level of integrity, energy and drive that is rarely found in an individual to all projects that he undertakes.

Over the last 13 years Chris has been active in the finance and real estate industries and has been developing  strategies that have helped his clients actualise their dreams. In short, Chris is an ideas man that enables individuals to turn their dreams into reality...  

As a Strategist, Chris has had enormous success in working with business owners... and almost everyone who works with Chris reports a significant shift in their productivity, thinking and results.



At the Adelaide Centre for Business Excellence we support business owners and business leaders to create businesses that flourish and thrive... to ensure that they can work smarter and not harder... so that they can create the work life balance that they dream of...and so that this year can be their best year ever!!


We Guarantee Results!!